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Abarai Renji ( Vice-Captain 6th Division )

Race : Shinigami
Birth : Agust 31
Gender : Male
Height188 cm (6'2")
Weight :  78 kg (172 lbs.)
Blood Type : A
Rank: Vice-Captain
Zanpakutou info: 

Shi-Kai: Zabimaru (Serpent Tail) - release command: "Hoero!" ("Howl!") Renji's zanpakutou grows larger and has a saw like appearence. Zabimaru can extend and retract at Renji's will. It can be thrown around like a whip and slice threw the enemy.
Hihiou Zabimaru

Ban-Kai: Hihiou Zabimaru (Baboon King Zabimaru) Renji's zanpakutou turns into a giant snake skeleton and coils around the ground with him in the center. Segiments of Hihiou are connected with Renji's spiritual pressure thus making him stronger. Though bulky Hihiou is a great endurance zanpakutou even if it losses one or two segments it can still fight. Hihiou Zabimaru's attack is much like his Shi-Kai where Zabimaru can extend and lash out. Renji can also shield himself with this form of zanpakutou. Renji's appearance also changes he gets a neclace of teeth/claws around his neck as well as a fur jacket type garmant that goes down only one arm and has a skull on the shoulder. Zanpakutou's true form: Baboon with a serpent tail.

6th squad vice-captain Abarai Renji. He’s very tall, red-haired and good looking young man with certain abilities to be a captain. We meet him for the first time when with Byakuya ordered to capture Rukia Renji approaches to Ichigo’s world. He proves to be a powerfull enemy but he’s way to self-confident and believes in his abbilities mostly underdestimating enemies. Therefore his first meeting with Kurosaki ends up fighting with ‘shinigami rookie’. 

Renji’s history is connected with Rukia. In his childhood Abarai was part of Area 78, Inuzuri, South Alley of flowing spirit. He lived there along with Rukia and few other souls. Although he was very stubborn and trained everyday, Rukia had much more spiritual force what pissed off Renji. Living in Area 78 was very hard because of starvation, diseases and endless problems with water. Such a conditions caused death of Rukia’s and Renji’s friends. After that they both decided to join Soul Court and become shinigamis. Way of becoming soul slayer also wasn’t as easy as they expected. One day Rukia was taken by Byakuya to his nobble family. For Renji it was like the end of the world. He thought that he was betrayed, but he did never showed his emotions to Rukia. After hard training in academy Renji was taken to 6th squad and very soon started to be Byakuya’s vice-captain. Although Renji hates his captain because of the fact that he took Rukia from him. 

When Rukia’s execution was commited Renji stared to feel odd about all case. Still he wasn’t able to stand against Gotei and fight his own captain. Then, when Ichigo appeared in Soul Society Renji pushed by emotions and revenge attacked Kurosaki. Battle was long and proved that Renji is powerfull warrior, although he was not able to defeat Ichigo. He thought that he’ll die but somehow he managed to survive and get back to training. Therefore he made his mind to stop Rukia’s execution at all costs. 

After receiving BanKai state, full of self-confidence and courage Renji stood against Byakuya. He proved back then that he’s much more powerfull than ordinary vice-captains and brave enough to fight even his own captain. Although he ws no match for Kuchiki (even using Zabimaru BanKai) and lost again. Fortunatelly battle with Byakuya didn’t have bigger influence on Renji’s thoughts and soon he showed himself on Rukia’s execution and helped Ichigo. During escape he met on his way Aizen Souske and still was no match for him. He was defeated quickly. 

Later, when Aizen’s betrayal was figured out and nobody wanted to execute Rukia anymore (even Byakuya) Renji proved also to be very honest and loyal. He came to Byakuya’s room to say ‘sorry’ but he never admitted that he made a mistake attacking his master. After that he went to normal world with other shinigamis to fight alongside Ichigo with Arancar. He was able to defeat his enemy – El Forte using his Ban Kai what proved his increasing power. 

Abarai’s Zanpaktuou is one of the most powerfull vice-captains weapons in Soul Society. It is called Zabimaru (serpent tail). In normal state Zabimaru looks like most of ordinary zanpaktous. When releasing it (Howl! Zabimaru!) weapon extends to be longer and similar to saw. Renji can also control Zabimaru’s powers by his will. In BanKai mode ‘Baboon King’ Zabimaru turns into giant sceleton snake filled with reiatsu. Some kind of leather also covers Renji’s shoulders. In this stadium it is one of the most powerfull and hard to control Zanpaktous (btw that was main reason why Renji was defeated by Byakuya. It is said that after achieveing bankai shingami has to spend 10 years on training to gain ability to control it’s own Zanpaktou. Renji just attacked more experienced Byakuya who quickly found Zabimaru’s weak point – manouverability). 

Renji has relationship with some shinigamis. For example with Rangiku or Kira. Therefore one of the wierdest Renji’s ‘friends’ (!?) is called – Ichigo. Every single time when they meet each other it means that it’s gonna be fight... between them ofcourse. Every stupid reason is good enough, is doesn’t mean if it’s ZanKetsu J, or when Ichigo says someting stupid ‘bout Renji’s appearance is normal world. It always lead to same solution – fight. Despite that both Ichigo and Renji understands each other more than good and when it comes to fight together with powerfull enemy then they know that there’s no time to argue and both cooperate to win or just to survive (like when fighting Aizen). They also have same friends (or should we say girlfriend? – Rukia) and for her or anyone else they both would spare their lives without hestitation. Same goes if any of them would be in need... One day it can really turn into friendship. 

Abarai Renji is surely a great character. Sometimes funny, sometimes rude, sometimes kind but mostly friendly and certain in his (re)actions – he’s the best material for a war companion and friend till death.

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